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SBM Bellows does extensive and wide range of in house physical testing ranging from X Ray to Pneumatic Test to Helium Leak Test to ensure Quality & Reliable end products are supplied to our valued customer. Each Bellows & Hose goes through series of in process Quality Control Checks as per EJMA standard & ASME Code before going to Final in house Inspection Testing prior to shipment.

  • Pneumatic or Hydrostatic Testing –

Each and every Assembly is pneumatically or hydrostatically tested at 1.5 times of working pressure for about 30 minutes prior to shipping. This pressure testing is done to locate any cracks or leaking in the welding as well as to establish its pressure withstanding capability.

  • Dye Penetration Testing –

This test is done by using liquid red dye penetrant & white powder developer. This test is primarily done to detect leak or cracks in bellows assembly end welds.This test is also done to detect any leakage on bellows longitudinal seam welding before and after forming bellows.

  • Cyclic Life Testing/Fatigue Testing –

This test is done to verify the total number of cycles a bellows can withstand before failing. The bellows cycle life test is done to verify the results as per the EJMA Standard design.

  • Helium Leak Testing –

This is done to detect leak rate to the extent of 10-11 mbarlitre/sec. The bellow is filled with pressurized helium gas & then mass spectrometer is used to detect the leak.

  • Physical & Chemical Properties Testing –

We regularly carry out physical, chemical & hardness properties testing of Raw material from outside recognized laboratory before taking the material under production.

  • Additional Product Testing –

Radiography Testing. b. Ultrasonic Testing. c. Spring Rate Testing d. Burst Pressure Testing. e. Other specific Testing as per customer requirements.

Testing & Certification

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