Expansion Joints & Bellows Manufacturers

Expansion Joints & Bellows Manufacturers in India

SBM Bellows is Indian manufacturer of Expansion Joints & Metallic Bellows like Axial, Universal, Hinged, Gimbal, Inline Pressure Balanced, Double ply etc. SBM Expansion Joints can withstand the design temperature and pressure as well as well as provide the capacity necessary to absorb thermal growth of the piping system. The thermal movement requirement can be axial, lateral or angular .

Expansion Joints Manufacturers in IndiaSBM Bellows follow latest EJMA Standard and ASME for design, manufacture and quality assurance of Metallic Bellows & Joints. We manufacture bellows from I.D 25MM to I.D 2500MM. SBM Expansion Joints are made of material obtainable in sheet form & have reasonably good ductility and weldability. Cold Rolled Austentic Stainless Steel 304, 316, 321, 316L, Inconel is used in general in thin and medium walled or multiply bellows or customers requirements. We offer all types of end fittings and in all grades of materials as per customers requirements and application.

What Are Expansion Joint Bellows?

An expansion joint is a structural assembly designed to manage stress and dimensional changes in building materials caused by:

  • Thermal expansion and contraction
  • Movement due to wind
  • Movement due to seismic waves.

The structure is applicable between building sections, in bridges, railway lines, sidewalks, ships, and most importantly, piping systems. It acts as a heat and vibration absorber and prevents the building parts from falling out. It can also help in fireproofing, waterproofing, and soundproofing building elements. Expansion joints made of metal are known as bellows.

What Are The Common Types Of Expansion Joints?

  • Hinged Expansion Joints

These Expansion Joints can absorb lateral deflections in a single plane undergoing thermal contraction and expansion. It prevents the axial deflection of the material with the help of pivots. The product is designed to withstand pressure thrust.

  • Axial Expansion Joints

Axial Expansion Joints can absorb longitudinal deflections in a straight line. It is one of the best know simple means of stress compensation. It allows movements in all directions without redirecting pipe work or altering the direction of flow.

  • Universal Expansion Joints

This Expansion Joint comprises of two bellows separated by spool in the centre. It is designed to absorb lateral expansions in large amounts. The length of the central spool determines the capacity of the expansion joint to sustain such deflections.

  • Metallic Expansion Joints

Also known as compensators, these expansion joints comprise of metal bellows and can absorb three types of deflections – lateral, axial, and angular. Their use is best pronounced in pipe work and relevant machinery work.

What Are The Advantages of Expansion Joints Manufacturers in India?

  • Simple design, easy to install, and cost effective
  • Prevention of displacement of building elements due to seismic movements
  • Prevention of cracking of pipe due to thermal contraction and expansion.
  • Allowance of flexible movement even at low installation height.
  • Minimal reactive and adjusting forces.

What Are The Industrial Applications of Expansion Joints Bellows?

Expansion joints are applicable to various industrial applications including the following:

  • Power Generation Units
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Pressure Vessel Manufacturing
  • Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
  • Paper And Textile Industries
  • Industrial Cryogenics and Instrumentation
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator Plants
  • Building Construction and Architect Engineering
  • Railway Track Construction Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Oil And Gas Industries
  • Marine, Naval And Ship Building Industries
  • Incineration Industries
  • Sewage And Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Pollution Control Plants
  • Nuclear And Defence-Related Applications
  • Automobile Fabrication
  • Metals And Metallurgy
  • Food Production Industries

Why Choose SBM Bellows?

  1. ISO 9001:2008 certified company with over 30 years of experience.
  2. Pioneers of expansion joint and bellow designing and manufacturing in India.
  3. Capable of manufacturing bellows from ID 20MM to ID 2500MM.
  4. EJMA Standards and ASME Code followed for design, manufacture and quality assurance of products.
  5. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure – technology and testing facilities.
  6. Products available in a variety and application across a range of industries.
  7. Quality as per international standards and competitive pricing.

Stainless Steel Bellows

Stainless Steel Bellows

We, manufacture SS Bellows from ID 20 MM to ID 2500 MM.We follows latest EJMA Standards and ASME Code for the design,manufacture & quality assurance of Metallic Bellows and Joints.
We manufacture SS Bellows in all grades of 300 series steel and with all types of end fittings.
We manufacture Bellows suitable for various application in sector such as Cement, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Sugar,Steel & Iron, Refineries,DG sets,Power Plants,Petrochemicals,Textile, Automobiles, Defence, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Railways, Shipping, Heavy Industries, Instrumentation, Cryogenic etc.We are also exporting wide range of SS Bellows.

Exhaust Bellows

Expansion Joints & Bellows Manufacturers in India

Owing to our rich industrial experience and expertise,we are engaged in dealing a wide range of Metallic Exhaust Bellow for Diesel Engine. Our range is widely known for its excellent service and low maintenance. These are extensively used in exhaust and auxillary pipeline of lubricating oil and cooling water for large number of reputed Diesel Engines like Alco, Caterpillar, Wartsila, Allen, Cummins Perkins, Detroit, Mahindra, Ashok, Volvo, Kirloskar and many more.
We manufacture both Axial/Single Bellows and Universal/Double bellows for diesel engines of various sizes and specification. We can supply these engine bellows at a very short period in case of breakdown replacement. We are also exporting Exhaust Bellows to MidEast Countries,USA,Indian subcontinent.

Cement Plant Metallic Bellows

Cement Plant Metallic Bellows

In order to keep pace with never ending demands of customers, our company offers excellent quality range of Cement Plant Metallic Bellow.This Cement Plant Metallic Bellow is checked under various set norms of the industry.Our product range is known for its sturdy construction and optimum finish.

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