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Expansion Joint for a Heavy Earthmoving Machinery

Expansion Bellow for a Cement Plant ID 450MM

Expansion Bellow for a Fertilizer Plant

Exhaust Bellow for Railway Locomotive

SBM Bellows has got an impressive list of Customers in India and abroad,covering different industries starting from basic core industries to highly automation industries.Some of the important industries were our Expansion Bellows & Hoses are supplied and used are :

  • Steel Industries— Blastfurnace bellows,other plants like Coke Oven,captiveboiler,furnace exhaust.
  • Power Plants— Thermal,Hydro & Nuclear plants,Ash handling,piping & duct conection,boilers,turbines etc.
  • Oil,Gas & Refineries— Pipelines.Reactors,HeatExchanger etc
  • Cement Plant— Boiler,Hooper, AirDuct,Ducting etc
  • D.G.set Manufacturer— Exhaust system,inlet outlet,pipeline,antivibration.
  • Shipping Industries Generators,piping,metallic hoses.
  • Defence— Navy, Army, Tanks etc
  • Railways— Locomotive Exhaust Bellow,manifold etc
  • Instrument Bellows— various instruments,valves,vaccum as per customers requirement and specification.
  • Other Industries— Sugar,Chemical, Fertilizer,Textiles,Cryogenic Industries,Electrical Industries.Space Research,Heavy Industries,Atomic Energy,Heavy Machineries,Pharmaceuticals etc.


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