Metallic Expansion Joints / Metallic Bellows

Metallic Expansion Joints and Bellows for Petroleum,Oil & Gas Industries.

We design,manufacture and supply a wide range of industrial bellows used in pipelines of Petroleum, Oil and Gas Industries. We are supplying these bellows to large companies in public and private sector as well reputed consultant in India, since last three decades. We are also exporting these bellows to Africa, Europe Mideast countries.

Our petroleum industries bellows are widely acclaimed for high corrosion resistance, durability, reliability, high efficiency, easy installation and competitive price.

Instrument Bellows

We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of bellows starting from ID20MM used in different types of instruments, machinery, pumps, valves, vaccum, cryogenic, atomic energy etc. These bellows are manufacture as customers requirements and specification.

Our Instrument bellows are known for high precision, superior quality, high durability and low maintenance. We also export these bellows to countries in Africa, South America and Indian subcontinent.

Industrial Bellows and Expansion Joint

We design, manufacture and supply all types of Expansion Joints used in core and heavy industries like Cement, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Refineries, Shipping, Defence, Railways Locomotive,Sugar, Chemicals, Automobile, Heavy Machinery, Carbon Black Plants, Textile etc.These Expansion Bellows are used for different types of applications. These Joints are designed and manufacture as per customers requirements and specification. Our Industrial Bellows may be fitted with Inner sleeve both Fixed and Removable which increase the service life of Bellows by preventing corrosion and abrasion. It can also be fitted with External Cover to prevent bellows from external damages. Our whole range Industrial bellows are widely appreciated by customer for their efficient performance, high dimensional accuracy, long service life and high quality.

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