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Best Flexible Pipe Manufacturers in India at SBM Bellows

SBM Bellows is Flexible Pipe Manufacturers in India, offers high quality corrugated metallic Hose and Flexible Pipes made from austenitic steel grades ANSI 304, 316, 321 & 316L.

Flexible Pipe Manufacturers in IndiaThe flexible pipes can be supplied with or without braiding, Braiding are provided for High pressure application. We can supply Metallic Hose from ID 5MM to ID 300MM. Our Metallic Flexible pipe can withstand pressure upto 100kg/cm2 depending upon size and braiding. Our flexible hose can be fitted with various types of end fittings like flanges(fixed 0r swivel), pipe, thread pipe, nuts(fixed or swivel), elbow, Union(male or female). These end fitting can be of different material like stainless steel, low carbon steel, mildsteel or brass.

Apart from supplying metallic & non metallic bellows, expansion joints & expansion bellows, we also supply Metallic Hoses and Flexible pipe to various steel plants, fertilizer & chemical plants, refineries, shipping industries, defence, powerplants, nuclear plants, oil & gas companies, vaccum & cryogenic application, railways, pipelines, pumps etc. We are also exporting this Flexible pipe to countries in Mideast & Indian subcontinent.

Each Metallic Hose/Flexible Assembly are pressure tested at 1.5 times of working pressure before dispatch. The raw material are also tested for physical & chemical properties to ensure high quality end flexible pipe. Beside Radiography, D.P & other test can be arranged out on customer request. All the relevant Test Certificates are furnished along with the supply. We can arrange for any Third Pary Inspection. Yes, SBM Bellows is not only the best flexible pipe manufacturers, but also a one-stop for all solution related to the product.

Benefits & Importance of Flexible Pipes

  • Extreme sustainability.
  • Flexible pipes are easy to use.
  • You won’t find any leaks using flexible pipes.
  • These products are not at all heavy.
  • Flexible pipes are completely chemical resistant.

As Flexible Pipe Manufacturers in India Our Range of Products Includes:

  1. Stainless Steel Hose.
  2. Flexible Pipes.
  3. Braiding.
  4. End Connections of different types.

Why Choose Metallic Hose and Flexible Pipe From Us?

  • Our products remain functional in a range of temperatures.
  • They compensate thermal changes very efficiently.
  • Each product is durable and features robust design.
  • Products are resistant to corrosion, fire, and moisture.
  • They are also resistant to abrasion and damage.
  • To top that, SBM Bellows always focuses on the on-time delivery of orders.
  • We have surfaced as a manufacturer of metalworking products with a proven team of experienced professionals.
  • We believe in implementing innovation in our work.
  • Quality is one parameter which is never neglected while manufacturing products.
  • Our aim is to meet all industry needs and exceed customer expectations.
  • We are committed to satiating the ever evolving demand for quality products.

Are you looking for high grade stainless steel metallic hoses and flexible pipes? Look no further than SBM Bellows, because we have always been better than the best.

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