Metallic Expansion Joints / Metallic Bellows

Axial Bellows

Axial Expansion Bellows is the simplest and most widely used assembly in family of expansion Joints & bellows. It is least expensive types of Bellows and can absorb all types of movement axial, lateral and angular movements in pipe configuration along the axis of pipeline. This Expansion Bellows should not be expected to control the movement of the pipe. In case the piping analysis indicates that expansion joints must accept axial compression the piping must be guided and constrained so that only the movement will occur.

Universal Expansion Joints/Bellows

After Axial Bellows, Universal Expansion Joints are most widely used joints. The primary purpose of this joints is to accept large amount of lateral deflection. It consist of two bellows separated by a pipe section or a spool. For a given bellow assembly the amount of lateral deflection capability can be increased or decreased by simply changing the length of center pipe. The Universal Expansion Joints are usually long and are so designed the thermal expansion of entire unit length is accepted as compression by the two bellow element. In this way the overall length of the units does not change when the pipe is heated. The Universal Expansion Joints are inexpensive ,easy to install, low maintenance and absorb large amount of lateral movement beside also compensating other two types of movement i.e axial and angular.

Hinged Expansion Joints

Hinged Expansion Joint are designed and are used to restrict axial deflection either in extension or compression. Hinged Joints contains hinged or pivots which allow the unit to bend in a single plane. The Hinge mechanism is typically designed to accept full pressure thrust. Hinged Joints can either be Axial or Universal type.

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